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The importance of your garage door cables shouldn’t be underestimated. Alongside the springs, They play an important role in ensuring your garage door is in working order. That is why it’s especially inconvenient when you find yourself dealing with broken garage door cables. Luckily, there are ways to avoid dealing with this troublesome situation. Keep reading this blog to learn what causes broken garage door cables and some useful preventative maintenance measures. 

What Causes Broken Garage Door Cables? 

Before you can start learning about the essential preventive measures to keep your garage door cables in shape, you first need to know what causes them to break in the first place. Here are just a few causes of broken garage door cables. 

Wear And Tear 

The first and most common cause of broken garage door cables is wear and tear. The more you use your garage door, the more your cables will inevitably fray with time. Paying attention to the state of the cables will allow you to stay on top of replacing them in a timely manner. 

Looseness And Misalignment 

If your garage door cables are left loose and misaligned, their chances of breaking are extremely high. These conditions can be the result of improper installation or negligence. For example, a short cable that’s been installed for a heavy garage door is bound to fall apart. A disaster is even more likely to happen to your garage door if the incorrect cable is installed. That’s why you should only hire the best garage door technicians to take care of your cables. 

Damaged Springs 

Finally, broken garage door cables can easily be the result of damaged garage door springs. These two parts work closely together, so any problems with one will result in a domino effect of broken garage door parts. 

How To Prevent Broken Garage Door Cables 

Now that you understand the major causes of broken garage door cables, it’s time to learn how to prevent this situation. These preventative maintenance measures will surely allow you to keep your garage door running smoothly. 

Inspect Your Cables And Springs

The easiest way to avoid dealing with broken garage door parts is to make time to inspect your garage door cables and springs. As explained earlier, these two parts rely on each other, so catching any problems with one part will help you preserve the integrity of the other. As long as you make time to regularly inspect your garage door parts, you’ll be able to address any problems before they can escalate. 

broken garage door cables inspection

Use Lubricant Strategically 

Lubricant can work wonders for your garage door’s functionality, and cables are no exception. However, you want to be careful not to overapply this substance to the cables since doing this can cause them to collect dirt and debris, potentially interfering with your garage door’s performance. As long as you are strategic about lubricating your garage door cables, they’ll continue to work as intended. 

Tighten The Cables

While inspecting garage door cables, you should also check their tightness. Allowing your garage door cables to fray or loosen will increase your chances of dealing with broken garage door cables in the future. However, attempting to do this task without the proper training can result in bigger problems, so hiring a garage door technician to tighten your cables is essential. 

Schedule Professional Maintenance 

Speaking of hiring a garage door technician, scheduling professional maintenance for your garage door will make the biggest difference in preventing broken garage door cables. If you happen to live in Houston, you have access to the best garage door service: Garage Door Pros. Contact us today, and we will ensure your cables and springs remain in excellent working condition.