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We Work With Garage Door Tracks!

Many components contribute to opening your garage door. One of those components is the track. The track works with your rollers to help your garage door open and close smoothly. Unfortunately, sometimes your tracks sustain damage. This leads to complications that cause safety hazards. Keep yourself and your family safe. If you suspect any damage, contact a professional right away for assistance.

Garage Door Track Repair in Houston
Garage Door Pros

Garage Door Track Damage

Often, tracks do not sustain damage unless another component of your garage door fails. When something goes wrong in the garage door opener system, it can cause a number of complications with your tracks. Poorly-lubricated rollers may become displaced and bend your tracks. The striker of your opening system could scrape against your tracks, causing them to break. Part failure can result in the garage door’s weight being transferred to the tracks, which can also cause damage. These and many other complications contribute to track failure.

Garage Tracks Repair Service
Garage Door Pros

When to Replace Tracks

Typically, the components of your garage door opening system last up to eight years with proper maintenance. However, the best way to determine whether you need a repair or replacement is by contacting a professional. Our team at Garage Door Pros can help you determine exactly what work you need to be completed. Whether you’re experiencing complications or just want someone to perform routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Trust Garage Door Pros with all of your needs.

Houston Texas Garage Door Track Repair
Garage Door Pros

To DIY Or Not to DIY

It’s so tempting to attempt DIY solutions when something goes wrong around the home. We’ll be the first to admit it’s not fun to shell out extra money for labor costs and deal with workers you don’t know. That being said, sometimes DIY isn’t always an option. When it comes to track repair, you’ll need a professional’s assistance. If you install your tracks incorrectly, it could result in further complications that may lead to injury or property damage. Garage Door Pros will get the job done right the first time!

Garage Track Service
Garage Door Pros

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