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Quality Garage Door Framing in Houston
So you’ve purchased the perfect garage door for your home. Its style reflects your personality and complements the exterior of your home. That’s great, but selecting your garage door is the easy part of the installation process. Once you’ve picked out your door, you have to add a frame to the rough opening so you can place it. This is no simple job, and we suggest you leave it to professionals such as the ones at Garage Door Pros.
Garage Door Framing
Garage Door Pros
Common Framing Problems
It’s crucial that you take care of your garage door frame. Your garage door opening system is made up of multiple components, such as rollers, tracks, cables, and drums. When one part malfunctions, it causes strain on the whole system. If your frame sustains damage, it might render your garage temporarily unable to open. Some common framing problems include: 

  • Door jambs splitting
  • Sagging frames
  • Poorly-sized frames
  • Bent or damaged frames
  • Wood rot 

If you suspect any of these problems, you should contact a professional immediately. Putting off repairs will only harm the rest of your garage door system. Don’t wait to call for help.

Garage Door Framing in Houston Texas
Garage Door Pros
Costs of Frame Repairs
So your garage door frame is damaged. While this can be discouraging, it’s entirely fixable. To determine the cost of frame repairs, we’ll consider: 

  • Sizing 
  • Damage extent 
  • Require materials

We understand that spending money on repairs can be frustrating. To alleviate some of this frustration, we do offer free estimates. We’ll also do our best to work within your budget.

Garage Framing Services
Garage Door Pros
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Our team at Garage Door Pros is eager to help you repair or install your frame. We love serving our neighbors in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we promise not to only meet your expectations but exceed them. Our concern for our clients’ satisfaction inspires us to strive for excellence. Go ahead and give us a call for all of your garage door framing needs! 
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