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We Offer Comprehensive Off Track Repair Services! 

Have you ever put much thought into the intricate details of your garage door’s opening and closing system? The chances are, you probably don’t even think about your garage door unless something goes wrong, which is likely if you’re reading this page. But the fact is that your garage door uses a complex system with multiple components in order to raise and lower. That means if something happens to one part of the system, it will cause complications in other parts as well. That’s why it’s important to address all problems quickly, especially the need for off track repairs. 

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Causes of Garage Doors Going Off Track

Numerous causes could be behind your garage door going off track. Finding out what caused the door to go off track is the first and most important step in making repairs. A proper diagnosis means that we can implement the right solution and ensure the same issues do not occur again. The following are the most common reasons you’ll need off track repairs: 

  • Aging or damaged rollers
  • Impact to the garage door 
  • Worn cables 
  • Damaged track
  • Misaligned track
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How to Prevent the Need for Off Track Repairs

Everything fails after enough time passes. It’s just the way of life. Eventually, you’ll have to replace or repair parts of your garage door. That being said, there are steps you can take to extend the lifetime of your garage door and its components. To keep your garage door in proper working order, you should regularly clean debris from your tracks and lubricate them a minimum of twice per year, get annual inspections from a professional, and keep on top of repairs. If you follow these steps, your garage door and its parts will last longer.

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Get Your Garage Door Back on Track! 

The team at Garage Door Pros offers a wide variety of garage door repair services. We can get your door back on track, replace parts, perform routine maintenance, and more. Our licensed and insured professionals love what they do, and we guarantee your satisfaction with their services. Let us serve you, Houston residents. We’re on standby waiting to hear from you. Give us a call today! 

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