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High Lift Garage Doors in Houston

Few people would argue that extra space is a bad thing. In fact, many homeowners are constantly working to make their rooms look bigger and gain more storage space. If you’re feeling cramped in your garage, you can consider a high lift door to help alleviate this problem. Our team at Garage Door Pros has installed high lift doors for residents all over Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. We can install one for you next!

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Benefits of a High Lift Garage Door

If we haven’t convinced you about choosing a high lift door yet, we’re confident this section will. When you make convert to a high lift door, you’ll reap the benefits it has to offer. Among these benefits are: 

  • More storage space
  • Room for a car lift
  • The appearance of added spaciousness
  • Ability to convert your garage into a living space

As you can see, choosing a high lift door opens the door to multiple possibilities. There are so many reasons to convert your current garage door. Are you convinced yet?

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How to Make Your Garage Door a High Lift

The team at Garage Door Pros can convert any garage door using a high lift kit. The only thing you need is one foot of clearance between your door and the ceiling. Most garages are 10-feet high, leaving plenty of room for conversion. If you have the required space, you can call professionals (like us!) to move the parts of your garage door such as the tracks, springs, and cable drums up. Then you can say hello to roominess!

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Maintaining a High Lift Garage Door

High lift garage doors are a wonderful investment. However, they are also a big responsibility. If your high lift garage door falls, it could cause serious personal injury and property damage. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, you should get a yearly inspection from Garage Door Pros. We’ll perform routine maintenance and ensure everything stays in proper working order.

Garage Door Pros

Get Your High Lift Garage Door Today!

We hope you’ll take the plunge and say hello to a roomier garage today. Our team at Garage Door Pros has been converting garage doors to high lift alternatives all over Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas for years. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we’ll not only meet your expectations with the final results of your project but exceed them. Don’t wait to get your garage door converted. Contact us today!

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