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When it comes to keeping a garage secure, some people use a garage door lock either in lieu of or in addition to an automatic garage door opener. However, even this piece of garage door security isn’t immune to malfunctions. In fact, garage door lock malfunctions can easily throw a wrench, not only in your plans but in your overall home security too. The good news is that by reading this blog, you will learn about garage door lock malfunctions and what to do about them. 

garage door lock malfunctions guide

A Guide To Garage Door Lock Malfunctions

Without a garage door lock, the safety of your property would be easily compromised. Here are just a few reasons why you might be dealing with these garage door lock malfunctions in the first place: 

1. Lock Alignment

Sometimes your garage door lock might not be working due to improper alignment between the locking bar and the locking hole. To address this misalignment, you’ll need to ensure that the lock bars and holes are aligned properly in accordance with the guidelines for your garage door’s setup. You’ll need a screwdriver to help you use the locking guides to align the bars and holes properly. For best results, we recommend reaching out to an experienced garage door technician to execute this task. 

2. Rust Or Damage

If your manual garage door lock is exposed to outdoor elements, the chances of it rusting are very high. Failing to stay on top of the condition of your garage door lock can, consequently, lead to rust that’s so severe that your lock will barely be able to function properly. This rust can then make your lock more susceptible to damage from wear, tear, and/or impact. Staying on top of keeping your lock clean and lubricated will make a difference in ensuring its overall functionality. 

Resolving Garage Door Lock Malfunctions

Now that you know about two of the major malfunctions related to these locks, here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you resolve them should they arise. 

1. Cleaning And Lubrication

As explained earlier, cleaning and lubrication are two easy ways to stay on top of any potential garage door lock malfunctions. However, when it comes to lubrication, be careful not to coat and soak the lock in the silicone spray. 

2. Professional Realignment 

Professional realignment for the lock parts is another way to resolve a garage door lock malfunction. While a DIY approach is tempting, you’ll ultimately save more time and money by going straight to a garage door technician for assistance. 

3. Lock Cylinder Replacement 

If the problem you’re dealing with is a lock that won’t budge, you might need to seek help to have the garage door lock cylinder replaced. That said, you should make an effort to rule out other possible issues before seeking out this particular service. 

4. Upgrade To An Automatic Opener

Finally, you can avoid all the problems of a manual garage door lock by upgrading to an automatic garage door opener. With an automatic opener, you can ease access control and security with a keypad or remote connection. Now you’ll easily save time by not having to worry about using a key to lock and unlock your garage door. 

Garage Door Pros Can Get Your Garage Door Back In Great Shape!

Whether you choose to address garage door lock malfunctions head-on or plan to upgrade to an automatic opener system, you’ll need the best technicians to keep your garage door in working order. Luckily, if you live in Houston, all you need to do is seek our services at Garage Door Pros. Contact us today, and we will keep your garage door security in excellent shape.