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A dented garage door can create a lot of problems down the line if you neglect it. However, understanding why you need garage door dent repair also requires knowing what causes garage door dents in the first place. For this reason, you should keep reading this blog to learn what leads to dented garage doors and what can happen if you don’t seek garage door dent repair services.

What Causes Garage Door Dents

The first step in understanding why you might need garage door dent repair is to examine what causes garage door dents. Here are four possible reasons you might be currently dealing with a dented garage door.

1. Extreme Weather Events

If you live in coastal areas, you know how strong winds can become during hurricane season. Depending on the material of your garage door, strong winds could lead to it getting dented. Even hailstones can leave dents, scratches, and cracks on your garage door during severe storms. Your garage door might be made of sturdy materials, but don’t underestimate how powerful the forces of nature can be.

2. Accidental Impact

Situations that result in accidental impact are one of the more common reasons why garage door dent repair is performed. One situation might involve attempting to cut down a tree, only for the said tree to land against your garage door. If you have a basketball hoop in your front yard, your garage door can also be dented if it’s hit by a basketball enough times. Even resting heavy items against your garage door can cause denting. That said, accidental impact usually results from accidentally backing your car against the garage door.

3. Inconsistent Or Neglected Maintenance

Dents in your garage door can easily appear if you don’t practice proper garage door maintenance. Failing to maintain your garage door regularly can allow ongoing issues to fester, potentially resulting in such issues as a dented garage door. That’s why creating a garage door maintenance routine and schedule is critical, so you can avoid paying for serious repairs.

4. The Passage Of Time

Garage door dents sometimes appear as a result of wear and tear from the passage of time. Depending on how long you’ve had your garage door, the sudden appearance of dents could be a sign that it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. When this happens, it’ll be time to seek a replacement for your garage door.

why you need garage door dent repair

What Happens Without Garage Door Dent Repair

Now that you understand what causes garage door dents, you are ready to explore the consequences of failing to seek out garage door dent repair services.

1. Decrease In Curb Appeal

If you’re concerned about how the appearance of your home can impact its value, neglecting to seek garage door dent repair can significantly lower your curb appeal. A decrease in your home’s curb appeal can also impact the value of your property. If you plan to sell your home, get started on returning your curb appeal to its former glory immediately.

2. Weak Security

Depending on the state of your garage door dents, you may be able to keep your garage door open until a technician arrives. However, keeping your garage door open leaves your home vulnerable to potential intruders. A garage door dent repair will allow your home security to be strong once again.

3. Greater Personal Safety Risk

Finally, failing to repair your garage door dents puts yourself and others at risk. Garage door dents can create a ripple effect that might lead to bigger problems over time. These problems could manifest in a way that may end with you or someone else being severely injured. Getting a garage door dent repair isn’t just a matter of aesthetic value or home security; it’s also a matter of personal safety.

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