Residential gates Services in Houston

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Give your guests an exquisite first view and impression of your home with our customized residential gates. Whatever option of residential gateway you opt for, be sure it will be reliable, safe, and elegant. We install automatic gates that provide convenience and ensures safety and security in keeping your family and possessions safe while keeping unauthorized persons out.

We have an extensive range of gate designs and materials you can select from, including various species of hardwood timber as well as steel and aluminum. We always aim to procure and install the very best of products with high quality. We ensure that our recommendations fit the requirements of each client. Clients can also expect us to consider the environment, budget, and specifications requested.

Sliding electric gates

With its recent rise in demand, we have fully embraced the additional safety, security, and space-saving abilities a sliding gate offers. This particular option is perfect for open locations with more excellent stability and security because of the way they close into a secured channel with higher resistance to force as the gate is held in a track along the entire length of the structure. The sliding gate is perfect for houses where parking is limited, and the driveways are inclined as it will take up less space. Electric sliding gates are suitable alternatives and require only one motor drive, so they are far more comfortable and less expensive to automate and maintain.

Swing gates

This version of residential gates are quite famous and so frequently used and requested by residents. Garage Door Pros has been installing and repairing this particular gate system for years and have built an outstanding reputation. This type of gate has been consistently gaining popularity over the years, perhaps because of its traditional exterior and maneuver, so we have the experience to install and repair perfectly. We also make provisions for electromagnetic locks and other devices such as CCTV and smart cameras to increase security. We specialize in the installation and repair of swing and sliding gates. Our survey team, with unmatched skills in the business and knowledge of the industry, determine and provide a suitable gate system per request. This is our forte; therefore, we can recommend the best materials for each client.

Residential Gate Services in Houston? We're here to Help

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