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Automatic gates can provide your home with a much-needed extra layer of security. Chances are, someone trying to break into your home will be more exhausted trying to get past a gate in addition to a front and garage door. When you can leave and return to your property at your convenience, a remote will be absolutely necessary. However, you may not know how to program sliding gate remote just yet. Luckily, you will know how to program sliding gate remote by the time you finish reading this blog. 


3 Benefits Of Sliding Gates

There are many kinds of automatic gates you might choose for your driveway. The most common types of automatic gates are swinging and sliding gates. Swinging gates open outward or inward while sliding gates move side-to-side in a sliding motion. As for why someone might install sliding gates in particular, aside from the added security, here are just a few benefits they bring to your home. Once you learn why sliding gates are popular, you’ll be ready to learn how to program sliding gate remote. 


1. Takes Up Less Space 

Unlike their swinging counterparts, sliding gates don’t occupy space when in motion. With sliding gates, you don’t need to account for how far the gates will swing open or shut or worry about beating the clock to avoid having them close on your car accidentally. With sliding gates, you have plenty of room to exit or re-enter your property. 

2. Low Maintenance 

These gates are also known for being low maintenance. Upkeep for these gates involves routine cleaning from time to time. The materials of these gates tend to be very durable too. 

3. User-Friendly 

Finally, and probably most importantly, sliding gates are easy for anyone to use. Whether they rely on a remote or motion sensors, you don’t need to take a step out of your car to open or close them. 


How To Program Sliding Gate Remote In 4 Steps 

Now it’s time to go through how to program sliding gate remote. You will successfully complete this task by following all five of these steps: 

how to program sliding gate remote

1. Check The User Manual For Specifics

The first step in how to program sliding gate remote is to check your user manual for specific details. Every gate is different based on brand and model, so be mindful of any specifics that could be applicable to programming your sliding gate remote. After checking the user manual, you’ll be ready to follow these general instructions. 

2. Turn On The Gate Operator 

Just like a garage door has a garage door opener, a gate also has its own operator. This operator is what allows your gate to open and shut as needed. Ensuring that your gate operator is turned on is the next easy step in how to program sliding gate remote. 

3. Ensure The Remote Is On Program Mode

Now it’s time to set your remote to program mode. Depending on the brand of gate opener you’re using, program mode could look like anything, but it will most likely involve a “learn” button. 

4. Connect Remote With Gate Operator 

For this penultimate step in how to program sliding gate remote, you’ll need to connect your remote to the gate operator. This specific process will vary depending on the brand, so this will be another instance where you’ll need to defer to the user manual. That said, the step will likely involve aiming the remote at a part of the gate operator and paying attention to any indication of a connection being made. 


Garage Door Pros Can Help With Your Gates!

Now that you know how to program sliding gate remote, you’ll be ready to get this job done when the time comes. If you find yourself needing help with your driveway gate or garage door, you can always depend on Garage Door Pros. Contact us today for the best gate and garage door services in Houston!