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Garages can easily become a refuge for all sorts of critters, such as mice, squirrels, and many others. However, a snake is the last critter you would probably expect to find in your garage. Whether you fear or adore them, the garage is no place for this reptile. For that reason, you will get to learn how to get a snake out of your garage. 


Why Is There A Snake In Your Garage? 

While it’s important to know how to get a snake out of your garage safely, it’s understandable if you’re curious as to why there is even a snake in your garage, to begin with. Take a look at some of the reasons you might encounter this slithery friend in your garage: 


Relief From Heat Or Cold 

Snakes are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they are most active when it’s cold outside. When temperatures are warm, reptiles will often seek relief from the heat, and your garage might be the perfect place to take shelter at that moment. 

Tracking Prey

With small rodents being the main prey of snakes, a snake might likely be tracking its next potential meal in your garage. If that’s the case, you’ll need to be proactive about addressing a potential rodent problem. 

By Accident 

Accidents happen. Maybe there’s a gap in your garage you forgot to seal, and a snake slithered through it, or the snake got lost. An accident is the next most likely reason you might have a snake residing in your garage. 


How To Get A Snake Out Of Your Garage: 4 Methods 

Knowing why a snake might be in your garage will hopefully help you feel more confident as you explore these four methods for how to get a snake out of your garage. The four methods for doing this are as follows: 


1. Bucket And Broom 

The bucket and broom method is probably the most tried and true of them all when it comes to how to get a snake out of your garage. All you do is lay out a bucket in your garage and use a broom to sweep the snake gently into the bucket. Once in the bucket, take the snake far enough away from your home to release it into the wild once again. Note that you should only attempt this method if you’re confident that the snake isn’t venomous.

how to get a snake out of your garage bucket and broom

2. Leave The Door Open And Wait 

If the snake is visible in your garage, you can open your garage door and wait for it to exit. Close your garage door when the snake has slithered far enough away and seal any gaps it might’ve gone through in the first place. It’s best to use this method if the snake seems to be close enough to the garage door to make an easy exit on its own. 

leave open how to get a snake out of your garage

3. Repel With Natural Oils 

For this method of how to get a snake out of your garage, you can create a homemade solution. The smells of cinnamon and clove repulse snakes. Create a mixture of those substances in the form of essential oils and put it in a spray bottle. With your very own homemade snake repellant, you’ll be sure to get any snake out of your garage with no problem. 

how to get a snake out of your garage natural oils

4. Call A Wildlife Service 

Sometimes, the best way to go about how to get a snake out of your garage is to call in professionals. Maybe you’re generally worried about upsetting the snake or are afraid of them. You might even recognize if the snake in your garage is venomous. Even if you aren’t sure whether or not the snake is venomous, calling a wildlife service will be the safest way to get a snake out of your garage. 


Keep Your Garage Clean With Garage Door Pros!

Hopefully, knowing how to get a snake out of your garage will allow you to feel prepared if you ever encounter this situation. If you are keen to avoid this scenario, one of the best preventative measures you can take is to keep your garage clean and install rodent sealant on your garage door. Luckily, our technicians at Garage Door Pros can help you take care of rodent-proofing and, by extension, snake-proofing your garage. Contact us today to keep your garage clean and critter free.