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Did something recently crash into your garage door? Has your area experienced strong winds that have now left a dent in your garage door? If either of these situations sounds familiar, it probably means you have a dented garage door. While many factors can lead to a dented garage door, the important thing is knowing how to fix a dented garage door. If you’re someone who prefers to try to fix a problem yourself first, you’ll appreciate this guide on how to fix a dented garage door.

how to fix a dented garage door

How To Fix A Dented Garage Door: What You Need

While there are many DIY methods for fixing a dented garage door for your own safety, today’s blog will focus on the DIY method for smaller garage door dents. Before starting, though, you need to ensure you have the proper supplies. For today’s method of how to fix a dented garage door, you’ll need warm water, regular soap, and a towel for cleaning. You’ll need a wood block, a rubber mallet, and maybe some sandpaper to fix the dent. Finally, depending on the state of your garage door’s color, ensure you have matching paint, primer, or finish to ensure your garage door looks nice and consistent once again.

How To Fix A Dented Garage Door In 5 Steps

After obtaining the necessary supplies, you should be ready to repair any small dents on your garage door. Be sure to complete this task on a day with good weather so you don’t get rained out on the job. If you are someone who’s more comfortable working with a second pair of eyes for feedback, find a family member or friend with time to spare so they can ensure you’re completing the process correctly.

1. Clean The Dented Spot

The first step in how to fix a dented garage door is to clean the dented spot. You’ll need a bucket of warm water, some regular soap, and a towel for this. After getting the spot wet, dampen the towel and add regular soap to scrub it. Cleaning the dented spot ensures that no debris gets in the way of removing the dent.

2. Use The Block And Mallet On One Side

Now it’s time to fix that dent. Starting with the side of the garage door where the dent is jutting outward. You’ll place the wood block on top of that part of the dent and tap it with the mallet. This will allow the dent to even out from that side. You’ll then need to move to the other side to ensure a completely even garage door.

3. Use The Block And Mallet On The Other Side

Next, repeat the steps above on the other side of the garage door. Expect to repeat this process until the dent is no longer present. However, you should keep in mind that you might need sandpaper to help finish, depending on the depth of the dent.

4. Clean The Fixed Spot

Once your garage door dent has been fixed, clean the spot once again. Make sure to dry it thoroughly so it can be ready for the final step of this process.

5. Coat With Matching Paint, Primer, Or Finish

As soon as the fixed spot is dry, recoat it with matching paint, primer, or finish. Wait before adding a second coat, then let it dry before using your garage door again.

Garage Door Pros Can Fix Dents!

We hope this user-friendly version of how to fix a dented garage door makes a difference. If your garage door dents are large, you should hire a garage door technician to take care of them or evaluate whether or not you should just replace the garage door. If you contact us today, our technicians at Garage Door Pros will fix those dents easily.