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Garage Door Safety Tips in Houston, Texas

Your garage door is a great way to increase curb appeal, beauty, and security to your home. Nevertheless, it could potentially be dangerous and pose safety threats. Without the proper knowledge of how to operate this large entryway, its functions, and its purpose, you could be in danger of getting hurt. Many homeowners overlook this and do not take precautionary measures. Not to worry, below you will find five practical safety tips that will help you in keeping your garage doors and openers in safe, working order.

Regular monthly inspections

As simple as this sounds, it can go a long way in preventing garage-related injuries. Schedule a checkup every month and have an expert come in to ensure everything is working perfectly. You can also carry out a maintenance check yourself; check the cables and gears, open the garage door a few times to ensure the door is moving smoothly.

Keep the garage door remote out of the children’s reach

Children are naturally curious and interested when it comes to things they don't understand. If they find anything lying around, you can expect them to play with it, and this isn't good when it comes to heavy machinery such as the garage door. Explain the mechanism of the door remote to them and how it can potentially hurt them. Then, keep it out of their reach.

Never leave your garage door opener lying around

Do you leave your car or house keys lying around? You should't leave your garage door opener lying around for the same reason you put away your car or house keys. Your garage door is another way to gain entry into your property, and burglars are always watching out for simple mistakes such as this. Ensure the location of the garage opener is kept safe.

Never go under a moving garage door

Under no circumstance should you go under a moving garage door. The apparent danger is that you could get crushed. Many homeowners try to race the door down to avoid walking around to enter the house. It is very risky, and the few minutes aren’t worth your life. The easier way to go about this is to install a keypad opener with a secret code so that you can easily open the garage door from the outside.\

Shed some light

Darkness is typically used by those who wish to raid your property of valuable goods. Installing motion-activated floodlights that instantly alerts you of any movement around your garage door is one of the best ways to stay safe. This will even make the burglars think twice about invading your home, and this will also help in keeping detached garages out of the shadows.

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