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DIY Garage Door Design

Have you ever driven down the street and noticed a beautiful garage door or front door? Or maybe you’ve noticed a stunning roof on a house? If the answer to those questions is no, well, that’s kind of the point! You see, you want your front door, roof, and garage door to all blend in seamlessly with your exterior design without being the main attractions. Your overall style and theme should be the most outspoken compared to your house’s roof, front door, or even garage door. What you want is unity between all. 

Often, people focusing on replacing the roof, getting the landscaping redone, adding a fresh coat of exterior paint, and upgrading the front door often forget their garage door. Or if they haven’t forgotten, they are not sure how to upgrade their garage door. That’s understandable. Luckily for you, you can read our informational blog of tips and tricks you can use to up your garage door design and ensure your home’s style is harmonious. 

Modern Garage Door Design

Your garage door design should match the rest of your house to engage in curb appeal to the fullest extent. So if your house has a modern vibe to it, you shouldn’t have a garage door that speaks farmhouse or Mediterranean.

So, let’s DIY it! Not only will DIYing help save you money, but this means you can either invest 100% or 10% into how much you upgrade/change your garage door.


Modern garage door design

When it comes to modern, there are about four different options you can go with: light or dark wood tones, white, or black. While this doesn’t leave you with a lot of options, it makes it easy to pick what would match best with your house. Once you pick your desired color, just paint over your garage door! You can choose to also paint the framing around it for added depth and a pop of dimension. Nevertheless, once you have your garage door painted, you may be surprised by how much life you gave to your garage door and how cohesive your entire house looks. 

Added Accessories

Modern garage door design

To add to the modern aesthetic, you could change the base of your garage door entirely. A way you can do this is with another DIY garage door design. For this look, you can buy some wood and measure it out to the correct dimensions of your garage door, whether it be vertical or horizontal, and then use wood glue and/or a nail gun to connect the wood to your garage door. Once it’s all put together, take a step back and see how different your garage door looks.

Farmhouse Garage Door Design

A house with a farmhouse exterior should have a garage door design that also matches that. Luckily for you, this will be a simple fix to make. You can take some of the same DIY steps into consideration when switching your garage door to a more farmhouse feel. Let’s get started!

Added Accessories

Farmhouse garage door design

Some garage doors would look so good with handles or maybe even some hinges attached, don’t you think? But the price can become hefty thinking about those additions.

Well, did you know you could complete this same look on your garage door with a few Amazon purchases? Just look up “garage door decorative hinges,” and you can find a style you like. The accessories will cost as low as $14, and you could get them shipped and delivered to your door within the same day if you have Amazon Prime.

Once you get them in the mail, read the directions and place where you think will look best. You’ll have a newer-looking garage door design for only $14.

Add Dimension 

Farmhouse garage door design

If you want a more farmhouse-style look to your garage door, you may look for a garage door like the one pictured in the photo. Let’s tell you some ways to achieve this.

Just like our modern garage door example, you can add some wood to your garage door to help create this look. You might need to take your time with the measurements, especially when creating the “X.” Once all the measurements have been made and the wood has been cut, you will need to use wood glue or a nail gun to complete the base. To finish the overall look, you may think about going back in and painting over the newly added wood section to create further depth within your garage door. 

Other Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door Design

Now, what if you like your garage door design the way it is but wish it had a little something more? Well, we have you covered! 

Added Accessories

Garage door design

Did you also know that Amazon has a “decorative garage door window insert”? This way, you still get that lovely window look without the worry of spending hundreds of dollars on getting actual windows or a new garage door. 

Whether you want a square, rectangular, or curved window look, you can get that for as low as $10. Windows can refresh your garage door design without requiring you to make any big changes.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Design With Our Team’s Help! 

If you’re wanting to further upgrade your garage door, Garage Door Pros works with multiple manufacturers. So, no matter what style you desire, you can expect our experts to help you find the right one for your home! Call us at (832) 734-8396 or contact us here.