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Garage doors are an important part of your home. If you keep your car inside of your garage or any everyday items, you likely open this appliance at least twice a day. Multiply this by 365 days in a year, and you get 730. That’s a big number. It’s also a big strain on your garage door. Garage doors are made up of an intricate opening system with components like springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and more. Thus, it is important to invest in a durable garage door material that can hold up well under heavy use without putting too much strain on the opening system. But how do you choose the right material? It isn’t easy because there are a lot of options. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably wondering about vinyl specifically, so let’s dive into that. 

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Garage Doors 

Before you learn about the pros and cons of vinyl garage doors, you should know what vinyl is. Vinyl is a man-made material. It is actually a type of plastic, though many people do not know that. You can use it in a wide variety of things around your home, not just garage doors. Vinyl can also be used for flooring, siding, decorations, and accessories. The chances are you have at least one vinyl item in your house if not more. 

The Benefits of Garage Doors 

Now you know what vinyl is. But you don’t want to know only what vinyl is. You also want to know what makes vinyl garage doors a good option for your home. We’ll go over that now. Here are four benefits of vinyl garage doors: 

1. Vinyl Garage Doors Are Affordable 

Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials out there. Compared to other luxury options like wood and steel, vinyl is more cost-effective. If you do not have a big budget for a garage door, then vinyl might be the best option for you. As long as its other qualities can meet your other needs, then you can feel comfortable purchasing an appliance crafted from this material. 

2. Vinyl Garage Doors Are Low-Maintenance 

Are you short on time? If so, you don’t want to have to worry about high-maintenance appliances. Life is busy enough without you needing to be outside constantly working on your garage door. Luckily for you, vinyl is a low-maintenance material. All you need to do is repaint occasionally and get an annual inspection to ensure the door runs smoothly. 

Two white vinyl garage doors

3. Vinyl Garage Doors Are Lightweight 

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts, as we mentioned above. And because garage doors can weigh up to hundreds of pounds, the moving parts get a lot of pressure put on them each time the door opens and closes. But vinyl is lightweight, and this can help ease the pressure and strain on your opening system. 

4. Vinyl Garage Doors Are Sturdy 

There are a lot of great qualities that make vinyl appealing to homeowners. Their sturdiness is one of their top benefits. Vinyl is moisture-resistant, and it is not vulnerable to rot, fungus, or insect infestations. It also doesn’t warp or splinter like wood. 

Drawbacks of Vinyl Garage Doors

Everything has its cons. Vinyl is no different. However, the few drawbacks of vinyl garage doors are nothing in comparison to their benefits. The main drawback of vinyl is that it is not as sturdy as other materials like wood and steel. That means it won’t last as long as other options. Vinyl garage doors also do not take dark paint well, so if you have a specific color need, then you will not be able to achieve the look with vinyl. 

We Install Vinyl Garage Doors! 

We hope we have been able to help you decide whether vinyl garage doors are right for you. Vinyl is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and long-lasting material, so it will serve you well over the years if you choose it. Are you ready to get your vinyl garage door installed? Then contact our team today for installation assistance!