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Many people do not focus enough on garage security. Sure, it can be easy to overlook this part of your home and focus on your dwelling space. After all, the last thing that you would want is a burglar or other criminal inside of the place where you and your family take shelter. That’s understandable. It is important to focus on home security to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe. But while you’re at it, don’t forget to increase your garage security as well. There is no reason that both areas of your property can’t be protected. Check our tips for increasing garage security! 

1. Add Privacy Film To Windows 

Burglars often case a property before they strike. They like to peek through open, unguarded windows to find out whether a property owner has anything worth stealing. The last thing you want to do is make it easy for a criminal to see what you have inside your garage, especially if you stow valuable equipment inside, like electronic tools and car parts. Thus, if you have windows in your garage door or wall, we suggest installing a layer of privacy film. When you do this, you can get natural light in your garage without having to worry about anybody seeing inside. 

2. Get Security Film For Windows

You thought you were done with the windows? No, not yet. Privacy film is a great first step, but your windows are still vulnerable to being broken by a determined criminal. That is why you should also install security film. Security film reinforces glass, making it difficult to break. And even if it does break, it will usually stay intact rather than falling through and creating a hole big enough for someone to use as an entry point. 

3. Add a Deadbolt to Side Doors

If your garage has a side door, you must do your best to secure it. Weak locks are vulnerable to bumping and picking, two common burglary techniques. That is why it is important to add a deadlock to your existing lock, reinforcing the door. You should also invest in quality hardware. Cheap locks may be cost-effective, but they are also a security hazard. 

A burglar enters a garage and compromises garage security

4. Add Lights

A lot of what makes garages an easy target for criminals is the fact that they are often less well-lit than other areas of your property. This means they can sneak into your garage without being seen and steal away with your possessions. Don’t let this happen to you. It is easy to install lights around your garage’s exterior to deter criminals from coming near it. There are a wide variety of outdoor lights you can choose from. Visit your local hardware store, and you will be presented with multiple viable options. 

5. Take Precautions For When You’re Away

Are you planning to be away from your home for a long period of time? You need to take precautions before you leave. Ideally, you should lock your side door from both the inside and outside. Additionally, it may be helpful to disable your automatic garage door opener as well. That means no one can hack or tamper with it while you are gone. 

6. Get Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Unfortunately, many people do not invest in proper garage door maintenance. This makes their garage door an easy target for criminals. When parts of your property appear neglected, that is often a signal that they are weak and won’t hold up under tampering. So don’t neglect your garage door. Hire a professional to come once a year for maintenance and repairs.

We Can Help Increase Garage Security! 

Are you ready to improve your garage security? We are here to help. Our professionals can make sure that your garage door is well-maintained and durable. Rely on our expert team for all of your maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation needs. Reach out to Garage Door Pros for assistance with garage security and more!