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Do you want your garage door frame to have a little more style? Are you generally looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? One solution to both these scenarios is to invest in the garage door trim. Garage door trim refers to decorative additions to garage door frames that usually go around or on the panels. “That sounds neat, but what trim styles are available? What are they made of? How do I get trim for my garage door?” are some questions you might have right now. Luckily, we will take some time in this blog to answer your questions about garage door trim. 

What Are The Different Garage Door Trim Styles? 

Let’s begin our garage door trim exploration by looking at the styles available for garage door trim. We will specifically look at four of these styles. The five most common styles for garage door trim include traditional, arched, half-trim, fillet, and modern trim. 

Traditional, as the name suggests, describes trim that is simplistic and conventional but classic in shape. Arched trim gives the garage door a more curved or arched top frame instead of a flat one. Half-trim means that the trim only goes a third of the way on the sides rather than all three sides of a full garage door frame. Fillet trim is a decorative addition to traditional trim, which enhances the garage door design and is customizable. Finally, a modern trim tends to be thinner than the other four trims so that it can blend with the rest of any modern house design. 

garage door trim arch

Bonus: Styles For A Carriage-House Garage Door 

If you own a carriage-house-style garage door, you can get very creative with your trim styles. Some of the most popular trims for carriage-house style garage doors are a cross buck, sprung buck, and Roman Ogee. The cross buck style involves wood planks forming an X-shape over the garage door. Sprung bucks show arches on the panels moving up and outward. Roman Ogee is notable due to the way it emulates the edges of ancient Roman columns. These are just three trim styles to consider for your carriage-house-style garage door. 

What Materials Are Used For Garage Door Trim?

Where materials are concerned for garage door trim, the options are endless. However,  we recommend that you match the material of your garage door frame for the sake of consistency. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and composite materials are the most commonly used materials for garage door trim. 

How Does One Get Garage Door Trim? 

Now that you are familiar with a plethora of styles, and the four most common material options, you will need to know how to get garage door trim. First, think about what trim style and material will be the best match for your garage door. When you have a good idea of what you envision for your garage door trim, you will need to find a professional who specializes in installing garage door trim. Consult with them about what will work best for your garage door, after which you may order the materials and schedule the time for installation. 

Who Can Help With Garage Door Trim? 

Finally, you want to know where to find the best, most dependable professional service to create and install your garage door trim. Research your local garage door service providers and see if they do customizations. If so, find out if there are any reviews or testimonials online that corroborate their reliability and find out if they are certified. 

If they are certified and found to be a reputable service, they are worth hiring. If you live in Houston, though, we can already recommend Garage Door Pros as the best garage door service for both technical and decorative garage door needs. Contact us today, and we will make your garage door the envy of your neighborhood.