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After installing a garage door, it’s easy to assume that the garage is finally ready for operation. However, other parts of your new garage door require installation before you can officially use it. One part that a garage door requires in order to be operational is the garage door framing. 

Garage door framing is used to help your garage door last longer and adds a sense of style. But how can garage door framing be installed successfully? We will answer that question today by looking at these garage door framing tips. 

garage door framing

1. Measure Your Garage Door and Garage Space

The importance of taking measurements throughout your garage door and garage cannot be overstated. You will need a measuring tape, a pencil, and a medium to record the measurements. Start by measuring the height and width of the rough opening. Next, you will need to measure the space between the ceiling and the top of the garage door. This will ensure that there is enough clearance to install the header

A good rule of thumb for measuring is to make sure that the width of the rough opening frame is three inches wider than the garage door. For height, ensure that the measurement is one and a half inches taller than the garage door. The success of your garage door framing job depends on the accuracy of these measurements. 

2. Find The Best Door Jambs For Your Garage 

Door jambs are an important part of garage door framing. You will need to find the ideal header and side garage door jambs. These jambs protect the framing and serve as a location to mount garage door sealant. Garage door jambs come in many materials, one of the most common being wood. 

The varieties of wood that door jambs are made of include but are not limited to general construction lumber, cedar, redwood, and white wood. Fiber cement is also a popular choice for door jambs. If your garage door is wooden, you can use a similar wood to match. Ultimately, it is best to determine which door jamb material will be best for your garage by taking a closer look at their respective perks. 

After choosing the best door jambs for your garage door framing project, you will need to install the header first, followed by the side jambs. However, in between installing the header and side jambs, there is one other part you’ll need to install. This part is the goal post. 

3. Build And Install Goal Posts 

When framing a garage door, a goal post refers to the framing jamb that runs from the ceiling to the floor of your garage at its interior surface. The goal posts help to attach the garage door tracks to the wall. Upon measuring the floor-to-ceiling height of your garage, you will need to install the goal posts so that they go past the already installed header. After installing the goal posts, you may proceed to install the side jambs. 

Complete Your Next Steps With Garage Door Pros!

Garage door framing will add durability to your new garage door and give it some flair. However, while it may be tempting to make garage door framing a solely DIY project, it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the expertise provided by certified garage door technicians. While the desire to save money is understandable, making sure your garage door framing is safely installed is worth every penny. If you live in Houston and are looking for the best professionals to frame your garage door, then reach out to us at Garage Door Pros for the best possible garage door installation service.